Oncology Massage

Massage can be very supportive at any stage during your cancer journey. The aim of a session, as it is with any massage session which I offer, is for you to leave feeling better within yourself- to increase your sense of well being and ease in your body. Regular treatment can offer comfort and relaxation and lessen symptomology of the disease and/or your treatment.

Macmillan suggest that massage may be something you might find helpful if you have cancer and that you should find a therapist who is appropriately trained :


I am qualified in oncology massage having trained with Susan Findlay, who is recognised as one of the top figures in the massage profession.

A treatment with me if you have or have had cancer will be completely individual and will vary depending on the type of cancer, the nature of the treatment you are receiving or have received and, most importantly, how you are feeling on the day. Hands on time is often shorter, depending on how things are on the day, and the treatment will take all your current circumstances into account.

As massage is very much a complementary therapy I am very happy to be included as part of the team treating you and to ensure that my input is integrated in your treatment plan.

Before we begin treatment I will ask you to give me a full history of your illness and treatment and any other medical conditions which you may have or have had. At the moment I suggest that we do this by video call or phone call in advance of our first appointment in order to minimise face to face time indoors – this also means that you can be at home for this and we can do it at a time to suit you.