Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

If you’re experiencing any of the following you might want to consider craniosacral therapy:

  • fibromyalgia,
  • chronic fatigue syndrome,
  • sleep issues (difficulty getting to sleep, staying asleep or waking unrefreshed),
  • migraine and headaches,
  • IBS,
  • joint pains, especially chronic and difficult to resolve,
  • anxiety,
  • low mood or lack of energy.

Biodynamic craniosacral work is a hands-on therapy but using a very light touch – less is definitely more in cranial work. The client lies on a couch or sits in a chair, fully clothed. I use a light touch to hold different parts of the client’s body, often the feet, head and spine but other holds are common – the name “craniosacral” comes from the cranium (part of the head) and the sacrum which is the triangular bone at the base of the spine. Through these holds I can connect with client’s internal systems and the subtle movements and rhythms of fluids and tissues. This non judgemental touch helps to encourage the regulation of the client’s nervous system and thereby to support and encourage their innate health, balance and wholeness. Clients tell me that the process enables them to feel heard and held at a very deep level. I encourage the client during the hands on part of the session to connect with how their their body feels in the moment. The sessions are a unique opportunity to explore sensing, or sensing better, how our bodies really feel.

I had a series of craniosacral treatments myself just prior to the pandemic, and was amazed by how this unique approach to encouraging health is so effective despite the practitioner apparently “doing nothing” and I continue to have regular craniosacral treatments to support my own well being and deepen my knowledge.

Craniosacral work is rarely an instant fix – I generally find that clients have been living with health problems for some time before coming to me so it’s likely to take a while to help support a return to full health. I suggest booking an initial session, from which you’ll know whether craniosacral therapy is something you want to explore further. If you want to take things further then I often suggest having a further five weekly or fortnightly sessions after which we can review your progress and consider whether you want to have further sessions and, if so, how frequently.

Sessions cost £60 and last 60 minutes.

Some comments from recent craniosacral clients:

“I have been having craniosacral therapy sessions with Sarah for over a year now. I am fortunate I don’t have any medical conditions that we are working on but I really enjoy the very deep relaxation that it provides. I meditate for a short while most days but these craniosacral sessions take this to a much deeper level. Sarah provides a lovely environment and I very much feel in safe hands with her.” MH Dec 2023

I loved it. This was not like any cranial treatment that I have had before at an osteopath. Sarah has an amazing stillness and a calm listening touch. I felt my whole body relaxing during the treatment and found it such a gentle and effective way to get release from stress, physical pain and anxiety.” CH Jun 2023

“I’ve had several Cranio-Sacral sessions from Sarah, related to problems I’ve had with pain in my left ankle, and I can now say that while I was initially sceptical about the value of Cranio-Sacral therapy, Sarah’s treatments have had a very beneficial effect.  The therapy seems to induce a meditative state, which feels very much like it’s setting up the body to be in a better position to heal itself.

“Sarah’s sessions have a friendly and relaxing atmosphere, the whole process is calm and measured, and at every step of the treatment she briefly explains what she’s about to do and checks with you whether you’ll be okay with it. I felt very much at ease, safe and cared for, and the results are noticeable and cumulative, lasting well beyond the session itself. ” PS Jul 2023

“Just wanted to let you know that since having those treatments I have felt more energy and verve – despite some challenging and exhausting days, both physically and emotionally, I realise I haven’t had the usual chronic fatigue symptoms for several weeks.    The only explanation I can think of is your biodynamic craniosacral treatments.   Thank you so much! ” NA Sept 2023

I feel that this therapy has supported me as a whole person to come to terms with some life changing events that I have experienced in the past 2-3 years, which have had both physical and emotional impacts on me….. Whilst having this course of therapy I have also been undertaking some spiritual exploration. I feel that Sarah, as a therapist, has been accepting of my own journey and in many ways she has been a facilitator, remaining impartial while guiding and supporting the opportunities that have arisen for changes to occur. I feel that craniosacral therapy needs to be entered into with an understanding that it is a partnership between the client and the therapist. Each has a role to play.” CS May 2023

“Sarah’s craniosacral therapy sessions are literally out of this world! She facilitates a beautiful sensation of stillness and a deep relaxation that stays with you when you leave. Tension and pain in the body dissolves leaving a feeling of having been freed somehow! I would highly recommend her treatments and can’t wait for my next one!” ER Feb 2023

I always feel restored after a cranial treatment with Sarah; mood lifted, body restored to some equilibrium and wholeness. Sarah is very sensitive and kind and I feel safe and held during treatments. Her hands always feel warm and her presence calming.” SR Jan 2023

“I have had a series of cranial sacral treatments from Sarah. I absolutely love them. Sarah has a wonderfully calm & reassuring presence. I feel safe & nurtured by her. I find the treatments relaxing on a deep level & profoundly releasing for my body. I can feel the unwinding at a cellular level, a magic that continues to work for hours after the treatment has finished. For such gentle work, it is incredibly powerful. Thank you Sarah” JS

I was very excited when given the opportunity to be a part of your craniosacral training, I didn’t quite know what to expect at first but have really enjoyed our sessions, you quickly made me feel relaxed and at ease. The therapy has helped give me a greater sense of awareness in my body and I am slowly learning to listen and act to what my body is telling me. Our sessions were especially beneficial for me as I had sustained sciatica due to overuse and not listening to what my body was screaming at me…! Thank you!!” MH Dec 2022

“I have been receiving craniosacral therapy from Sarah for a while now. The aim was to bring my nervous system back into stable and healthy balance for which I find craniosacral therapy amazingly effective – I feel deeply connected to my body and able to relax into whatever is going on at any given time. Reminds me of meditation. It´s also been super helpful for my dodgy hip. The treatment opens up the joint, making it more mobile and less painful. Sarah is a wonderful practitioner, gentle, open and caring and I would recommend her to anyone!” IG Nov 2022