Myofascial Release

The fascia is part of the connective tissue of the body and is continuous throughout the body, running around the muscles and organs. It contains many nerves and receptors and so working with the fascia has significant effects on pain and restriction. Treating the fascia, as compared with just the individual muscles as in more traditional massage, is a relatively recent development in bodywork.


Working with the fascia requires a different approach from treating the muscles alone – the work is generally performed without oil or wax and is very slow. I use a variety of techniques (sometimes referred to as direct and indirect fascial release) and this produces very deep results.

My clients report that myofascial work has a very profound effect on their sense of ease and well being during and after a treatment. With fascial work, the effects on the body continue to develop for some days after the end of the session and so clients find improvements in well being and ease of movement continuing after our session.

You may prefer to have a combination of fascial work and more traditional massage techniques within a treatment, or just fascial work on its own.