Online self care sessions

I’m currently offering a one to one online self care programme to enable people to treat muscular aches and pains themselves at home. I’ve been offering this work throughout lockdown and the government has now endorsed this, suggesting that clients avail themselves of self care advice wherever possible as this is an entirely safe way to help to resolve issues.

Treatment techniques include mobilisations, trigger point work, stretching and strengthening exercises, accupressure work, self massage and simple grounding or meditation methods, depending on what’s needed. This type of treatment has some advantages of its own over hands on treatment from a therapist. Firstly, you’ll learn techniques which you can use for the rest of your life regardless of whether you can get to a therapist and secondly the sessions can be fitted in to suit you without having to travel to therapy rooms. Also, massage therapy isn’t for everyone and this type of self care works for all.

Over the past few months it’s been a real joy showing various clients how to get rid of pain in the back, hip, neck, shoulder and arm. Sometimes this has been pain which they’ve had for a long time, in other cases people have developed problems during lockdown, particularly those working from home, often in sub optimal working conditions.

I offer a course of four sessions – the first is a full consultation to establish in detail what you’d like help with and how much time you’ve got available to spend on self treatment. I’ll then prepare a full treatment protocol and the second session, which will be the next day if possible, will consist of us going through the techniques so that I can be sure that you’ve got them. We’ll book the third and fourth treatments for weekly intervals after that. I would expect there to be improvement after the second session and at least significant reduction in pain and increase in mobility by the end of the course of treatments. Each session will be on Zoom (or Jitsi/Skype/Whatsapp if you prefer) and be around 40 mins long. I’ll provide you with notes by email to remind you of what we’ve done and photographs or short videos of the techniques. The price is £120 for the course of four sessions and you can pay as you go along or at the end of the course when you’ve felt the benefit of the sessions.

Just give me a call or text if you’d like to book self care treatment – 07958 516262.

I have a limited number of appointments available at a reduced rate for anyone whose income has been significantly reduced and cannot afford the full price. Please call me to discuss this if you would like one of these appointments.