About Massage


Massage, whether clothed or unclothed, can help to ease muscular pain and stiffness and to increase mobility in stiff joints. Most people find that the release of muscular tension provided by massage helps them to access a state of deep relaxation, which can itself help towards the healing process by reducing the release of stress hormones in the body.

A number of my clients are older people and I have seen that regular massage can help to reduce the stiffness and aches and pains which people sometimes think are an inevitable part of growing older.

Neck, shoulder and back massage can help to resolve headaches caused by muscular tension and, together with arm and hand massage, can also help resolve the pain and stiffness which office workers and others who spend a lot of time at a computer often experience.

Hip and lower back pain can often be caused in whole or part by muscular dysfunction and a course of massage and stretching can help a great deal.

Massage can also support clients to manage chronic conditions like fibromyalgia.

Pregnancy massage: I am also qualified in pregnancy and post natal massage and can provide a treatment which will address specific areas of pain such as tight hips and glutes or stiff shoulders, within  a deeply relaxing and nourishing massage. Most of the work will be done in a side-lying position which is safe and comfortable for pregnancy.

What is involved in a treatment:

Most massages involve the client lying on a massage table undressed to their underwear and covered by towels (apart from the area being worked on). Some of the techniques I use can be carried out through clothing.

If getting on and off a massage table is likely to be a problem, some of the techniques can be applied with the client sitting in a chair, or on a special massage chair.

I’m happy to discuss these and any other concerns which you might have about massage, particularly if you’ve not tried it before, so feel free to get in touch.