Current situation – a return to hands on work, with modifications

Hurrah we’re back, just slightly different. The government has given the go ahead for “close contact” services such as massage work to restart and I am now taking bookings again.

There are of course changes to the way in which I’ll be working in order to ensure that I can continue to help you with your pain condition, or help you to deeply relax, while keeping both of us as safe as possible. I’ve listed these changes on a separate page (New Arrangements, above) and will talk you through them when you book an appointment so that you know what to expect. Of course I’m happy to have a chat about any concerns that anyone may have.

I understand that coming back for treatment doesn’t feel right for everyone right now – we’re all finding our way back into the world after lockdown and how we do it and the pace at which we do it is different for everyone. But please be assured, if you are thinking about getting some treatment, that I have gone beyond the requirements of the guidelines in some ways in order to ensure that I have mitigated the risks as far as I realistically can. Trust is an important element in giving and receiving massage treatment and I am honoured by the trust which my clients have put in me over the years in working with them to help them out of pain. I would never risk losing that trust by exposing anyone to harm which I could prevent and this has been the basis on which I have prepared my practice for returning to work.

Some comments from returning clients:

“Just to let you know that I slept the whole night through. And no pain so far. I can’t thank you enough. “

“Thank you for the massage Sarah! Every part of me felt relaxed yet rejuvenated!Having spent the lockdown crunched over a laptop this is just what I needed. I especially enjoyed the massage on my arms and hands which are so often doing repetitive movements over a keyboard or phone. Looking forward to the next one!”

“Thank you so much for an amazing treatment Sarah, I can move my neck again – long may it last… Looking forward to the next one and sorting out my lower back. It´s great you make massage work again despite covid – your care there is very much appreciated!”

“Thanks Sarah for a great massage – glad to see you up and running again!”

“So easy to forget just how important and beneficial the massage sessions with Sarah are. Just had the first one for a long time after lockdown. I should say, we know it in our minds somewhere but when you are back on the table the reality is something else. It’s ‘’Ahh yes, that was it’’, deep relaxation returns. Enjoyable experience plus positive effects, double win!”

“It’s wonderful to have a massage again. You find all the right spots and I felt amazing afterwards. Miraculously my shoulder feels great even though most of the work you did was in my arm and hand!”

“I really enjoyed the massage. It was 45 mins of bliss!”