Current situation – update July 2021

Hands on massage appointments are currently available in Eastbourne and East Hoathly – please see the Appointments page for more details.

Notwithstanding that things are opening up at the moment, my primary concern is making sure that I provide my clients with as safe an experience as I can. So I will still be carrying out initial consultations by phone or video call and keeping appointments to a maximum of 60 mins. I will still be wearing a mask during the appointment. I am still using completely fresh linens for each client and cleaning the treatment room thoroughly with anti viral spray between appointments. I leave a much longer gap between clients to allow time for cleaning and, especially, ventilation. During these warmer months I am keeping the window open to allow ventilation during the treatment.

All of the above is not a box ticking exercise for me but a serious effort to minimise the possibility of passing on infection.

Please note that I am strongly recommending that clients do not book a massage for at least three days after having a Covid (or indeed any) vaccination – there may be side effects after a second dose which mean that you don’t feel well enough to receive a massage even if you did not have any on a first dose and I would like to avoid last minute cancellations where possible.