Current situation

Obviously hands-on massage and myofascial work isn’t possible at the moment so I have temporarily suspended those treatments until happier times return. I am however still available for online consultation, using video calling or any online platform such as Whatsapp, Skype or Zoom. I can suggest self massage techniques, stretches and some simple meditation techniques which give clients the ability to treat themselves and relieve pain and tension until more hands-on methods are available.

These sessions tend to be around 30 – 40 mins long and are available free to anyone who is in financial need at the moment. For those who are still on full pay, a modest donation would be appreciated.

I am spending some of the time which has been made available by the current crisis by revising technique theory, anatomy and pathology. I am also preparing more intensively for the two year Biodynamic Cranio Sacral course which should have begun on 18th March and which is now due to start in September. I had a series of cranio sacral treatments myself over the past six months, and found the effects on my own well-being, and my work, so impressive that I decided to train in the work. I have already begun to bring the techniques into my work in a very small way and clients who have experienced this have asked me to do more. I hope that that will be possible soon.